Home Inspection; WDI Termite Inspections; Hydrostatic Building Drain Leak Tests; Visual Pool Inspections; & Septic Inspections



We provide the best home inspections in the area. We do this by putting you, our client, first. We work hard to inspect every inch of your home possible, and then helping you understand your inspection through your questions, while you are on-site, and with a clear inspection report.

From the moment you contact us, we are there for you to answer your questions. We also invite you to be on the inspection with us. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn about your home (and any issues we may find). 

During your inspection, we inspect the roof, exteriors, lots and grounds, the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, plumbing system, all living spaces, and much more.

After your inspection is complete, you will receive a comprehensive inspection report with pictures and clear descriptions – making negotiations and repairs a breeze.



When you contact us, you are getting a full-service inspection company. We provide a wide range of residential inspection services in Corpus Christi so that you get everything you need – all with one phone call!


We will run specialized camera equipment to the home’s sewer line so that we can inspect it for potential damage or blockage. A tiny camera will reveal the condition the sewer line is in, and we will report all findings.

This waterproof camera can reach places that we cannot easily get to or otherwise see without special equipment, considering sewer lines are in underground areas, behind walls or possibly under the foundation of the home. The inspection could find any of the following with the sewer line such as: Cracks, Root infiltration, Build-up/blockage, Corrosion, Punctures or Obstructions. Prices for this service start at only $199 and vary by location. Discounts are often available when more than one plumbing service is booked at the same time. NOTE: We recommend this service be performed on every house, even brand new builds.


Termites are a destructive force here in Texas – so be sure your home is termite-free before you buy it. Blue Star Real Estate Inspection Services offers professional Termite and Wood Destroying Insect inspections and can perform this service at the same time as your Home Inspection, which will save you time, money, and headache.

We are a Professional Home Inspector and WDI Applicator (Certified Applicator License #0848692) with Texas Termite Tamers (TPCL#0851059).

Whether your lender requires a termite inspection, or you want one for your own peace of mind, Blue Star provides the best around and will be happy to assist you.


Blue Star’s mission is to give buyers complete present conditions of their potential home purchase. This add-on or stand-alone service is an effective way to find leaks in the underground plumbing. This test must be performed by a licensed plumber, we currently do not have a licensed plumber on staff. However, we have developed strong rapports with reputable plumbing companies withing our area and can schedule those inspections for you at the same time as the home inspection.


The extensive soils found across Texas can pay havoc with foundations, especially in case of extreme wet and dry weather. The relative foundation elevations are determined using a ZipLevel High Precision Altimeter that is accurate up to ¼”. A centrally located base elevation is established. All other measured elevations will be relative to this central or ‘zero’ elevation. Differences in floor finishes are considered by adding or subtracting the elevation measurement of the difference in finishes from the measured elevation. When possible, measurements are taken at the center of each room as well as at each corner of a room. The Licensed Professional Inspector will perform field measurements and create a rough sketch of the foundation’s floor plan. Measured elevations will be added to the floor plan. The elevation of multi-level structures is measured on the bottom level only.


A swimming pool is a wonderful part of a home and can bring years of enjoyment to you and your family.  Make sure that there are no expensive issues with your pol by hiring us to perform a visual pool inspection.  We perform our pool inspections to TREC’s Standard of Practice and provide a professional report.  We evaluate and access the current condition of your pool area and provide you a complete overview. Our inspectors first check for any exposed electrical wires, fencing, gates and screen enclosures. They then check the pool area for any visible cracks and any deficiencies from the pool mechanics. Our knowledgeable team is both certified and trained as Certified Pool Operators (CPO).


If your home has a septic system, then a septic inspection is particularly important.  A septic system issue can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars to repair.  These issues often go undetected by the homeowner, and require a professional such as us, to find, inspect, and report issues. Inspectors will test the interior plumbing to ensure everything is draining properly and not slow or backing up, then a visual inspection of the lid and tank. Lastly, we do a visual inspection of the drain field to look for any signs of issues. Please note, we do not pump, do die testing, or any invasive inspection of the interior of the tank/drain field


Sprinklers can make your yard look great IF they are working properly.  A sprinkler head that delivers water against the house or waters the road/sidewalk/driveway can be harmful introducing moisture and erosion and wasteful.  An examination of the sprinkler system and sprinkler head operations help make owners aware of any potential problems. 


Blue Star is dedicated to giving home buyers as much information as possible to help them make this momentous purchase.  A thermal scan can identify and document moisture intrusion, energy loss, and even unexpected hot spots. The Flir Infrared Camera creates an image based on temperature differentials that will indicate thermal anomalies. Infrared scans offer a way to observe things that cannot be detected with the naked eye. Included in your inspection is a basic infrared scan of common problem areas including: the electrical panel(s), under all sinks, water heater, AC condenser, AND verify that the HVAC system is heating and cooling properly.  The infrared scan also detects things like missing insulation and roof leaks under the right conditions.  Digital color pictures of any potential issues will be included in the report.  

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