Home Inspectors Corpus Christi

We are proud to provide the most thorough and detailed home inspections possible. But even a great inspection needs to be accompanied by a great inspection report. What good is a skilled baker if you never get any bread? How great is a musician if you can’t hear the music? And so it is with a home inspection report – it is the culmination if all the work and data gathered on your home inspection.

We are proud of our inspection reports and the information they convey. Our reports have two purposes really. The first one is a negotiating tool. People primarily get a home inspection during a real estate transaction, and they get one so they can find out about the issues that exist in the home, and then try and get them fixed and/or negotiated. Our reports make that part of the process easier. our reports are easy to read, full of pictures, and accurate descriptions that make things clear to all involved.

The other purpose our reports fill are as a “guide” to your home. Owning a home (especially for the first time) can be complicated – but our reports make things easier. We include maintenance items and other information to help you maintain your home “like a pro”.

So if you are looking for the best home inspections and the most professional reports around, then contact us today!

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