When you see a dripping faucet, your first concern probably isn’t the wasted water, but more the annoying sound that it makes. Something that might surprise you, though, is the amount of water that just a single dripping faucet can add up to in a year. Depending on how quickly it drips and the amount of water in each drop it can add up to thousands of gallons of water each year. Even if you don’t pay anything for your water, it is still a significant loss.

On the bright side, a dripping faucet is usually a fairly simple fix, and in a worst-case scenario, all you need to do is replace the faucet, which isn’t too expensive.

Some parts in your faucet can start leaking, requiring replacement. There are gaskets, o-rings, and washers that might not hold up against the water as well as when your faucet was new. With newer faucets, you should be able to get a diagram of how your faucet is laid out, helping with the repairs.

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