Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink can save you a lot of time and effort, but is it worth it if it starts smelling up your home? Many homeowners ask themselves that question when they are dealing with the stink that a garbage disposal can give off, but it doesn’t need to be an issue. In fact, if you just get into the habit of doing a few things differently with your garbage disposal, it doesn’t need to smell ever.
The smells are usually from organic matter that is stuck either on the blades or in the machinery and breaking down. To avoid the stuff getting stuck in the first place you should get in the habit of running the water and the garbage disposal for a short while before and after you put something through it. This will allow the blades to get cleaned off well. You should also avoid running anything that has a lot of fibers in it through the garbage disposal. They tend to get wrapped up in the blades and sticking.
If you have something stuck, you can run ice-cubes through the garbage disposal since this will clean the blades off without harming them.

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