Trees can be beautiful additions to your yard, but there are some issues that could come with having trees near your home. One problem that you might not have thought of is that tree roots can make it into your sewage pipes and clog them. It might be difficult to imagine, but all it takes for this to happen is a small crack or a loose connection between two pipes. The effect is that nutrient-rich water seeps out into the soil, and that will cause tree roots to make their way over there. Once these roots start growing, the gap will be forced wider until it becomes filled with roots that will block the flow inside of the pipe.
Once the waste starts building up in the pipe, it will find its way back into your home, causing major damage. While this issue can be difficult to spot, you might notice that water doesn’t drain as well as it once did. Another giveaway is when a tree that grows near where your pipes run starts growing out of control. To be on the safe side, you should have a plumber run a camera through the pipe to find out if there is a blockage.

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