Our homes are meant to be our sanctuaries, but they aren’t entirely safe, isn’t that true? While most injuries happen in the bathroom or kitchen, there is one area of your home that you might not think of right away but still is very dangerous. Your Stairs. Falling down a flight of stairs could prove to be fatal in the worst-case scenario, so here are a few things you can do to make your stairs safer.
First, make sure that the surface is even and firm. While carpet on the stairs might make your walk on them more comfortable, it can also make it much more dangerous, especially if the carpet is loose. It is better to remove the carpet altogether if it can’t be fixed.
Second, the railing should be securely mounted and without any splinters. Some rely on the railing to make it up and down stairs, and if it can’t support their weight if they were to stumble, they could come crashing down.

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