A good first impression can make a world of difference when you’re selling your home. Upgrading your curb appeal will influence buyers about your home before they even step inside. 

The curb appeal should be colorful and attractive. Don’t scare people away with high maintenance garden needs and landscaping. Here are some ways to improve the Curb appeal in front of your house.

  • Define borders and add mulch. If the lawn has crept into your garden bed and created an uneven line, then defining the border can improve the look of the whole landscape. Once you have a neat border, add a layer of wood chip mulch for a refined look.
  • Prune overwhelming shrubs. Skirting the shrubs by pruning around the base of the shrub and removing any branches within 6 inches of the ground is ideal. Also gently prune off any plants that are touching the house. Shrubs that are flopping over a walkway, blocking the view of the street to the front door, or keeping light from streaming into a window should be the focus of pruning
  • Add color with paint and pots. A bold shot of color at the front door may be all that is needed. Choose one or two large and distinctive pots rather than a lot of small pots that can look cluttered. Go for a simple one or two-color planting scheme that highlights the stone or the trim or surrounding shrubs.

Even a small investment in landscape goes a long way towards increasing your curb appeal and making your home one that buyers will fall in love with.

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