Building an in-ground swimming pool comes with a substantial price tag. Not to mention the related projects that come with a pool, like landscaping and fencing. Homeowners often ask is a pool a good investment?

Here are a few considerations as you weigh the swimming pool as an investment:

  • Pools boost your property value. It certainly makes your home or appealing. Property values rise an average of 4-6% when an in-ground pool is installed.
  • Pause keep you home where you aren’t spending money. If you and your family are not going out for entertainment, you save on the cost. Rather than a movie and restaurant you’re more likely to grill out and play in the pool.
  • The value of the pool is influenced by its condition. Condition is critical to your pool investment as with any investment.
  • The location of the pool affects its value. Your pool should look inviting when viewed from your home. Since it will become such a backyard centerpiece you want to make sure it is in the right position.
  • Pools give you a stronger community stature. You can establish a stronger balance with the people in your neighborhood and the local area. 

The pool is an excellent investment if you consider the various extra financial way is it adds value.

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