Creating a whole house color palette, before painting a single wall, might be the best thing you can ever do for your home. Decide on a color palette for your entire home upfront, and you won’t second-guess your decisions. 

Create a whole house color palette that works for your home by just following these simple steps:

  • Create a home with a cohesive look that flows from room to room.
  • Make decisions upfront and never have to think of it again.
  • So confident in any wall color choice you made because you already know it goes with all the other colors in your home.

No matter how big or small or the layout of your home it can benefit from a whole house color scheme. 

Steps to your whole house color palette:

  1. Understand your fixed elements. Understand the colors that you were already stuck with. The fixed elements in your home include trim cabinetry flooring wall tiles and countertops.
  2. Choose a color scheme. Start with the overall feeling you want for your home and what your favorite color is.
  3. Choose your neutral. A warm neutral or a cool neutral works really well with complementary colors.
  4. Choose one bold color. A version of your favorite color to either match complement to fixed elements.
  5. Stick with no more than five colors in your palette.
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