Over time, ceiling fan blades can become out of balance, which causes them to “wobble” when they are operating. An out-of-balance ceiling fan can usually be easily adjusted. An out-of-balance or under-lubricated ceiling fan increases the wear on the fan’s motor, which shortens its service life.

Here are some tips on Ceiling Fan maintenance: 

  • Clean dust from the blades of the ceiling fan. Then, while the fan is operating, examine the ceiling fan. The middle of the fan should be almost completely still while it is spinning, and should not appear to be “wobbling”.
  • If it is out of balance, this can be corrected with a “balancing kit” available from most hardware stores.
  • Regarding lubricating your ceiling fan, it depends on type of ceiling fan that you have. Some ceiling fans have “maintenance-free double sealed ball bearings” that never require oiling. Other ceiling fans have a small “oil hole” above the motor.
  • The benefits of this task are moderate, in that it can extend the useful life of your ceiling fan and help ensure its safe operation.
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