Many people are not the biggest fans of bats, but bats play a vital role in the ecosystem. Not only do bats play a part in pollination and seed dispersal, but they also eat a lot of mosquitoes. If you are interested in inviting bats into your yard, here are a few tips to help you to install a bat house.

Bat houses are very easy to build so it may be a fun project just to build one yourself. There are free plans available online. You could also purchase a bat house. Whatever you decide, make sure your bat house is at least 24 inches high and 16 inches wide and free from any fabric or mesh. Install your bat house on a building or other large wooden or concrete structure, where the area gets at least six hours of sun exposure a day. Bats do not like bat houses that are hung in trees because of the high predation risk and those areas tend to be too shaded. Lastly, the area where you install your bat house should be within a quarter-mile of a water source.

These are just a few tips to help you to get started with inviting bats into your yard.

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